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In public relations, we talk a lot about an abstract concept called "awareness." Building awareness is often cited as one of the major objectives of many public relations campaigns, and is something that clients often cell phone number list seek our help doing. However, there are some problems with "building awareness." In general, awareness is only a means to an end, not the end goal. In other words, the end goal is generally to build sales, or increase revenue. We want people to act, not just passively be cell phone number list cognizant of our existence. Another problem with awareness is that it is not a very efficient effort. We spend a lot of time, effort and money telling people about a business, product or service, and a vast majority of those people have no interest in what we are saying. Sure, we think they should be interested, but the truth is that usually we are only marginally effective. Even when we precisely target our audiences, the payback (ROI) is slight. Of course, there is some payback, especially when bundled with other promotions or discounts, but in general, building awareness is not a very efficient process. Awareness also diminishes over time, sometimes very quickly, and so our efforts have cell phone number list a limited impact over the long term. The underlying (and often unstated) goal of building awareness is that we assume some portion of people will buy our product, if only they knew we offered it.

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